pictures disapppear

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Henk Tulp
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pictures disapppear

Beitragvon Henk Tulp » 03.08.22, 9:33

a client use m.Objects V9.5. Now when he drags images into the timeline its visible. But when he start again the other day its not visible anymore.
it seems that the .mos does'n store that info.
What to do?

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Re: pictures disapppear

Beitragvon hora58 » 03.08.22, 10:26

Hi Henk,
...Alcohol is not a solution... ;-) ...or is it the heat...?
But honestly - with this (little) information it is really hard to give a meaningfull advice.

Why "...the other day" ? This effect doesn't occour as well after saveing the show manually?

The ".mos" doesn't save anything on its own - if no one tells her. (are there autosave options - as .moa - switched on?)
Try to open the .moa.
Save show as... under a new name.
Export Show with the Media File Manager to a new project folder....
Reinstall m.objects....

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